PTA Will Block All illegal and Unregistered Phones After 20 October 2018...

PTA To Block All Unregistered Mobile Phones In Pakistan 2018 DIRBS : Illegal smartphone in Pakistan are going to be blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority also known as PTA after 20th October 2018. Those Mobile phones which don’t have a valid IMEI number also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity will be blocked after the 20th October 2018 deadline. The telecom authority of Pakistan is informing the consumers through SMS recently. DIRBS system was previously implemented in Pakistan, which is also known as Device Identification Registration & Blocking System. This new system is designed specifically for Pakistani market in order to reduce the use of non-compliant mobiles in the country. You can check IMEI number From the Device packaging or box, In mobile phone under the battery or By dialing *#06# code in your phone. The Procedure for Verifing your IMEI number can be done through Web Portal of PTA, PTA DIRBS Android Application or by Sending IMEI to 8484 through mobile SMS.

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