How to Get MCB Lite Master Card Online Free in Pakistan

MCB Lite Visa Debit Card - How to Get, Details, Charges and Features

MCB Lite Visa Debit Card

MCB Lite Card
MCB Bank has announced its new Prepaid Visa Debit Card, MCB Lite. It is a payments solution, for those who don't have Credit Card or Debit Card, to enjoy services of VISA and to save money and time. There are neither monthly charges nor charges on making payments and transactions, however annual charges are applicable.

You can deposit and withdraw money at any MCB Bank Branch, also withdraw money from ATM. MCB Lite can be used to purchase mobile air time, fund transfers, utility bills payment, pay money on POS stores, to withdraw money internationally and pay online.

Bank account with MCB is not necessary to get this card.

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MCB Lite Charges

Following is details of charges.
Charges Type
Charges (Rs.)
Joining Fee
Annual Fee
First Deposit
ATM Withdrawals (International Usage)
Up to 2.75%
Min Rs.250
ATM Withdrawals (non MCB) – M-Net
ATM Withdrawals (non MCB) – 1-Link
Balance Inquiry from M-Net ATMs
Balance Inquiry from 1-Link ATMs
International ATM balance inquiry
Voucher Retrieval fees
Rs. 250 (local)
Rs. 800(International)
Arbitration Charges

Joining fee is exempted for existing MCB customers.
The Joining fee and the Annual fee will be automatically deducted from the First Deposit.

How to Get MCB Lite Card

Initially MCB Lite Card is available only on invitation based. Click here to ask MCB Bank for invitation. Just enter your full name, email address and mobile number and send. A representative may contact you regarding this card. it is hoped that it will be available to public very soon.

Once it is launched, you will be able to get it from MCB Banks or by calling on Help Centre at 111-000-622.

MCB Mobile Users can simply click on "Order MCB Lite" from the main menu.

Salient Features

  • No interest or mark up. 
  • You can use it just like standard Visa Debit Card to withdraw money, transfer funds, pay at POS, shop online etc.
  • You can store money in MCB Lite Wallet as per your needs. It functions as your bank account.
  • You can withdraw money from MCB branches and any 1-Link/ M-Net and Visa powered ATM machines.
  • There are limits on maximum balance, transaction amount and top-ups.
  • You can transfer money to other MCB regular customers and Lite Card Holders.
  • Money can be deposited in your Lite Wallet by visiting any MCB Bank Branch.
  • You can login your MCB Lite account by visiting  

How to Get MCB Lite Master Card Online Free in Pakistan

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