How to Remove Copyright Credit From Blogger Template Without Redirection

Steps To Remove Copyright Credit Links-

1) - Go to

2) - Open your blog.

3) - Select 'Theme' > 'Edit HTML'

4) - Now, search for 'footer' or 'credits' in template code.

5) - Now you will see something look like this-

6) - Now, add style='font-size:0.1px;' where credits are written in image or your template like this image- (copy and paste code between <a> tag e.g.  <a style="font-size:0.1;"></a>)

7) - Now you can add your own custum text before <a href=""></a> or after <div class="copyright">.

8) - Click 'Save'.

9) - Done! (Your Cutom Text Will be added successfully and Copyright Credit Links Removed).

Watch Video For Details Info:

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